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Cups Around The World

In 2004 one of our regular customers brought us in a photo of one of our take out cups on top of a mountain in the Bow Valley and he asked if we would be interested in starting a travelling cup photo showcase. He then brought in two more over the next few days.
Once we had these up on our walls, the photos started coming in, and we have been collecting pics from all over the world from locations our customers have taken the cup with them on their travels. It has shocked us how far and wide - and how often our cups have gone on the travels of our customers.

It has now become a big part of our business and we proudly display all the photos that get sent in. Then they are put on our store picture frames and website. If you are going anywhere please take a cup and send us a picture.

See where the cup has been!

In order to be accepted a photo must conform to the following:

  • Contain our yellow paper Beamer's cup
  • Have an identifying feature in the background (eg. a sign or landmark)
  • Absolutely no Photoshop placed/created cups or photos. 
  • You must have visited one of the two store locations to get your cup. We can't send you one!  
  • Cup photos can be emailed to us at